KNOXVILLE STYLE IS Talented women coming together to share ideas, thoughts, challenges and inspiration. ﷯ SUSAN BOURDEAU Make-Up Artist ﷯ Susan Bourdeau is a stylist and make-up artist in television and film who has developed her own line of skin care and beauty products. ﷯ CARRIE McCONKEY Fashion Consultant ﷯ Carrie McConkey considers herself a practical fashionista, and a “clothes whisperer” for her clients, taking great pleasure in helping them channel their signature style. ﷯ BETSY JOHNSON Fitness Consultant ﷯ Betsy Johnson runs all over Knoxville, either training for her next event or taking her two sons to their practice or game. ﷯ KRISTIE CARSON Jewelry TV Host ﷯ With a home shopping industry career spanning more than 20 years, Kristie is currently a JTV trend reporter. She adores her family, french fries, and loves doing laundry. ﷯ JEANINE FULLER Jazz Musician ﷯ Jeanine Fuller is a local jazz artist who sings at the KMA Live after 5, among other places all over Knoxville, and you can find her sound at ﷯ WHITNEY BOWMAN Stylist ﷯ Whitney Bowman has over twenty years’ experience planning events and weddings in the southeast, and specializes in large parties, rehearsal dinners, weddings, intimate gatherings, and stylings. ﷯ LINDA PARRIS-BAILEY Actor ﷯ Linda Parris-Bailey is the Executive/Artistic Director and primary Playwright-in-Residence for The Carpetbag Theatre Inc. (CBT) in Knoxville, Tennessee. ﷯ SHAWN MASON Wine Specialist ﷯ Shawn Mason has worked in the wine and spirits distribution industry for a decade and is a Certified Specialist of Wine. ﷯